About Us

Battersea Summer Scheme is a principal project of Battersea Crime Prevention Panel. It has been organising trips, outings, and events for under-privileged young people since 1992, especially those living in the poorer and more deprived areas of Battersea and Balham. and suffering from multiple disadvantages.

We work very closely with local youth groups, Wandsworth Borough Council youth services and youth offending teams.

Our outings are designed to be fun - it is the holidays! - so our trips and residential courses include entertaining and challenging activities. The trips are however aimed at taking young people away from the security of their home environment into different surroundings where, by necessity, they learn to interact fully with their peers and leaders.

Our aims

To reduce the likelihood of young people becoming victims of crime
To promote active citizenship
To divert young people from being involved in crime
To break down barriers, real or imagined, between police, communities and young people
To promote a philosophy of partnership within the community.
To encourage young people to help in the planning and evaluation of the activities
To provide all activities at a realistic and affordable price.
To focus on those young people most in need