Battersea Crime Prevention Panel

The core function of the Panel is crime prevention which is achieved through a partnership between BCPP, the Community, the Council and the Police. This is achieved by funding a variety of initiatives and projects which focus on those at risk, whether young or old, in an endeavour to make Battersea and Balham a better and safer place to live, work and play.  It was established for the general benefit of the public to:


  • Promote the encouragement of greater public participation in the prevention and solution of crime.
  • Assist the police in measures designed to reduce the level of crime.
  • Provide recreational and leisure time activities for young people, in the interest of crime prevention and social welfare.
  • Promote for the benefit of the public partnership with the Police and other organisations including the Council, the protection of people and property from, and the prevention of criminal acts.


Some Current and Previous Projects:

Battersea Summer Scheme

The Panel’s principle project where an annual grant is given to go towards the office costs and staff salary for the scheme to ensure that where possible 100% of their fundraising goes towards the activities of the scheme.


Club Santacruzense

A Portuguese football club on the Patmore Estate, the BCPP provide the insurance for their team mini-buses

Alert Boxes

(Pictured right) A highly successful scheme funded equally by the BCPP and Wandsworth Council.  The boxes provide security for the shops enabling them to contact each other silently for immediate assistance. In both Northcote Road and Balham.

Winstanley Mural

Funds were given towards the newly refurbished football pen in Winstanley Estate to produce a mural which was designed and painted by the local youth.

Police Cadets

BCPP gave a substantial grant towards a new mini bus for the Police Cadets within Battersea

Distraction Burglary

The BCPP provide funds for the elderly to be told how to protect themselves against burglars and con-men and foul fiends – this is usually held in conjunction with the very popular ‘fish and chip’ lunches and bingo!

“Number 4 – don’t open the door!”



The Battersea Early Intervention Team (BEIT) work closely with young people on the ‘at risk’ register providing a wide range of activities to combat anti-social behaviour (anti drug, knife, gun and gang projects).  BEIT also provides one to one counselling and self-esteem workshops for young women.

Other Organisations Supported:

Aspire 2b Great, Carney’s Community, Challenger Troop, Katherine Low Projects, London Fire Brigade (Battersea), Metropolitan Police, Regenerate UK, Wandsworth Volunteer Police Cadets, Wandsworth Borough Council.