Working closely with the local youth clubs, we meet to decide what workshops they would like to run.  Some are more easy to achieve than others!  A recent request for life guard training from a young man who could not actually swim made us smile.  Thanks to a new Council initiative to enable cheap swimming sessions, this young man is gaining some proficiency!  The workshops can take place at the youth clubs or at external venues and can run over several weeks.  Funding availability often limits what we are able to provide. Many of these courses lead to an accreditation which will be a valuable addition to a young person’s CV.

Recent Workshops

A series of one off bread and pastry making classes held at the various youth clubs (many of which have kitchens suitable for running classes) which were run by an enthusiastic baker on a voluntary basis.

Through the amazing generosity of Cactus Kitchens (who are the home of the BBC’s Saturday Kitchen) a series of evening cookery classes was run within the youth clubs.  They also invited groups of young people to their kitchens for master classes which included butchery, cooking, how to lay a formal table and service.  They kindly included a tour of the set for Saturday Kitchen which was a real treat! The best part of this workshop was that they were able to eat what they had cooked.  One group prepared a picnic and enjoyed a lovely outing onto Clapham Common.  We are indebted to the Cactus Kitchens for giving us so much of their time (BSS paid all food costs).

A First Aid course for young people to give them the confidence to help others in an emergency.  This gives them the confidence to step forward and make a real difference in situations which can be difficult and frightening.

A workshop learning how to write a Curriculum Vitae, answer a job advertisement and practice interview skills to better prepare the young people for the workplace.  This helps to give them the confidence to attend interviews and conduct themselves appropriately.

Trips to prepare young people for driving.  This involved having a driving lesson on a private road specifically aimed at under 17 year olds. They also complete a mock theory and hazard perception test to gain a greater understanding of what is involved in learning to drive aiming to make them better and safer drivers.


Planned Worshops

Basic carpentry skills – those shelves can be a reality!  Perhaps we should include a course on how to assemble those ‘build it at home’ units which leave so many people befuddled!


Homework clubs



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